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Purchasing practice and systems assessment

  • Are you confident that your Purchasing strategy, principles, goals, activities, systems, procedures and practices are delivering the results your business requires?
  • Is what you do currently, adding value to your bottom line?
  • Are your suppliers aligned with your needs, meeting your expectations and supporting your growth and excellence?
  • Are your Purchasing techniques increasing your margins and delivering to your bottom line?
  • Does your Purchasing function interface well with other colleagues and departments to build in cost optimisation and drive out waste and loss?

If you would like an independent assessment of your Purchasing activities with a report detailing where opportunities could be considered, and improvements made, then let us discuss your current circumstances and decide what the best approach would be to assess your situation and release the benefits you seek.

Depending upon the size and complexity of your company, and its operations, we can agree the depth of assessment you require and target particular areas of interest or pain.

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